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Corporate matching gifts

Double your donation with matching gifts to the University of Toronto

If you or your spouse work for a matching gift company, your contribution to U of T could have twice the impact.

How to Double your Donation in Five Easy Steps

  1. Search for your organization below to see if your employer, employment status and gift amount qualifies for matching.

    Is your company a matching gift company?

    Search for Canadian or US matching gift companies:

  1. Consult your HR department about the program and request a corporate matching gift form.

  1. Send your completed form and donation to:
    Attention: Corporate Matching Gift
    University of Toronto
    Division of University Advancement
    21 King’s College Circle
    Toronto, Ontario
    M5S 3J3

  1. Allow a little time for your organization and U of T to confirm the gift.

  1. Look for your official tax receipt in the mail, followed by a letter acknowledging receipt of your employer’s match. Your organization will also receive a tax receipt for their matching gift.

Have questions?

Consult our FAQs or contact us directly if you have questions about giving, including tax implications and how we recognize your generosity.

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